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Mr Daniel Sng
Promotion to Master (5th Degree)

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  1. Congratulations, Sir, on your recent promotion.
    You are always an inspiration and a beacon of integrity and commitment. I am very proud to be counted among your students (and furniture).

    Sincerely yours,
    Harue Jules Takagishi
    ITF Hyogo Taekwon-Do

  2. Dear Sir,

    Congratulations for your promotion to 5th Degree in Hapkido!
    Words speaks louder then actions, you are truly leading by example.
    We have definitely benefited (and still continuing) not just physically, mentally and also spiritually under your guidance!

    Carnation, Russell, Hazel & Amber
    Island Taekwon-Do Centre

  3. Master Sng

    Congratulations on a well deserved 5 degree for Hapkido. May the new year continue your great success. Best wishes for the new year.

    Nikhil Prakash

  4. Dear Master Sng – Hearty congratulations and wishing you many more success. You are a living legend and inspiration to many of us.


  5. Dear Sir,

    Hearty congratulations on your promotion to Black Belt 5th Degree in Hapkido.

    And thank you for leading us from the front.

    You are an inspiration to all the students.

  6. Chiam Joo Song

    Dear Master Daniel Sng,

    Congrats to you, Sir and Mr Lee Gao Ju indeed for the respective promotions to 5th Dan and 2nd Dan ! Your dedication, passion and commitment to the “ancient art of masters” is an inspiration to all students.

  7. Hi sir congratulations on your fifth dan. Thank you for the knowledge that you have imparted to us and the mentality we should have towards obstacles which not only apply to martial arts but to our everyday life.

  8. Dear Master Sng

    Congratulations on your promotion as a testament of your commitment, passion and dedication to the practice and promotion of the true Spirit & Philosophy of Martial Arts.

    Master Peter Wong

  9. Dear Sir,
    Congratulations on your promotion to Hapkido Master (5th Degree)! It is not easy to be a black belt let alone a 5th degree! It is also not easy to be a Master in one martial art let alone in Hapkido and Taekwondo! Your sincerity, humbleness, helpfulness and willingness to impart all that you know to your students definitely make you a true Master! It is indeed an honor to be training under you.

    Once again, congratulations Sir!

  10. Congratulations Master Sng for another milestone in a lifetime dedicated to martial arts. It is an honour to be acquainted with you and to be a part of this school.

  11. Dear Master Sng,

    The road of Sun Hapkido Academy has not been a smooth one. I am happy to see that the philosophy of Righteousness, Courtesy and Patience has seen both you and your students through many trials.
    I look forward to overcoming many more trials under your leadership for Sun Hapkido.

    A Grateful Student,
    Abel Ang.

  12. Congratulation Master Sng on your promotion to Hapkido 5th dan. I am honored to be a part of your Hapkido school and wish you great success in the promotion of this art.

  13. Dear Master Sng,
    Congratulations on your successful grading to achieve the 5th degree of Hapkido and the status and title of Master. It is an outstanding achievement to be a Master in two martial arts disciplines. You continue to be a shining example, particularly to older students such as myself, reminding us that our journey has not yet ended as there is always more to learn.
    Sincere Regards,
    Your student in Taekwon-Do,
    Norbert Strobel

  14. Dear Sir,

    My warmest congratulations on your Hapkido Promotion. I look forward to see you in Singapore soon. I hope for more training sessions with you sir.

  15. Congratulations Sir!

    Your passion and determination in striving to do your best in Taekwon-Do and Hapkido is very inspiring to all your students!

    Calvin Eng
    Island Taekwon-Do Centre

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