Philosophies of Hapkido are integrated as part of the teachings of the academy, and you can find friendly, professional and experienced instructors who have numerous years of training to aid you during your training and be readily available in class to guide and enrich you in your skills, techniques and knowledge of Hapkido.

This academy promotes respect, discipline, commitment and care in the teachings of Hapkido, doing our best for the students, looking out you needs and interest as well as to encourage care for fellow members of the club. We strive to build a warm and wholesome community that is motivating positive environment to improve your physical and mental discipline as well as to build friendship among members of the academy.

The training facility consists of a clean and comprehensive training area that is fully equipped and floored with mats that are appropriate for the training of Hapkido. It is fully air conditioned for the comfort of the students and has a wide variety of equipment that is available for training. There are locker and shower facilities available for the students to appropriately store their personal belongings and separate male and female restrooms.