Hapkido is traditional Korean martial art that employs joint locks, pressure points, kicking techniques, striking techniques, throwing and locking techniques for the purpose of self-defence, it also consist of a range of traditional weapon techniques that include stick, cane, sword etc.

Hapkido is a martial art rooted in tradition, and philosophy and is a fully comprehensive fighting style utilising footwork, circulating motions, and transition of body weight against the opponent with an option of a close or distal combat. This martial art is a balanced art consisting of “hard” and “soft” movements following circular motions encompassing principles of the flowing movement such as that of water, circular and non-resistant and techniques such as strong kicks and punches which makes the martial art a balance of beauty in skill and techniques executed. Hapkido also emphasise on its philosophies and strong mental discipline in students that take up this martial art so as not to abuse it.

There are a large variety of techniques that are taught in the martial art to not only execute locks, throws, pressure points and striking techniques but also techniques to counter such moves. Techniques are found that allow for escape from joint locks, tight grips on the arm and grabs on neck, and head, and to subdue the opponent. Break fall is also taught to students to aid them in the protection of their body in falls and throws as well as to escape joint locks.

The addition of comprehensive kicks and punches make Hapkido distinct from other martial arts, as it also delivers emphasis on speed, power and precision in the human body in its various kicking and striking techniques that promotes motor co-ordination, flexibility and muscle tone.